Aboot Us

(Not a typo, say it out loud. Fun right?)


Illuminated-A-Redgraphic designer, an interior designer and a copy editor walk in to a bar…and a few months later The Pershing Empire stumbled out and slept it off in the gutter. Andrew, Ben and Micah, referred to as The Fellas from here on out, have always filled any notebook margin, paper napkin or important legal document with a doodle. It is this hot, burning passion for scribbling that is sprawled out all over the pages of this website. After scouring the Internet for years, the time was upon The Fellas to set out on to the world wide web frontier and lay claim to their very own webcomic. The journey led to the discovery that there was likely 4-5, maybe 6 at the most, webcomics for the populace to choose from. It’s basically an untapped market! The hope is that with three different artists and comedic styles, you will always find yourself gorged and fulfilled after a trip to our buffet of comic strips. That’s not to say that The Fellas are in this all alone, as along the way guest artists have joined in to the rabble and left behind their own signature flavors. So, take our hand, and we will lead you on an adventure through The Pershing Empire.

Wanna see some comics by each Fella? Well, have at them: Andrew, Ben or Micah.