I thought it might be fun to pull back the curtain at our Pershing Empire Studios a bit, and give you, the reader, a candid glimpse of my creative process. Now, my wife says I can’t call it Pershing Empire Studios because it doesn’t exist, regardless of the piece of paper I put on the door to my office claiming otherwise. Anyhoo, I usually approach every comic I do the same way. Do a little bit of net research to find reference imagery if the comic calls for it, and fire up Illustrator and draw that turkey out with a pen and tablet. After that, I move it to Photoshop and do shading, effects, additional coloring, and whatever else tickles my fancy. Like all great masters of generations past, I use Photoshop to bring out all the rich and vibrant colors needed to take a viewer on a journey through the sensational cosmic journey of hues and…saturated pixels…and, uh…ok look, I’m gonna lay it all out here. Mostly, I wanted to do this post to show a few before and after comics, because I personally love to see how a handful of them have become more enriched through the process. I also thought maybe someone would enjoy seeing a few comparisons of strips in their early on stages and where they ended up. I can’t make it sound as epic or extraordinary as I might like, no matter how much I compare myself to be on equal level with Raphael, Warhol or this guy. Hopefully the world will look at my comics and say, “Hey, that guy knew how to use the blend feature just right.”


You can view these comics here, over here, right here and also here.

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