Well, I did my first GIF comic. Although, to be fair, if you grew up in the 80’s, you will probably recognize this widely used GIF plastered all over the Internet. It came from the hit (maybe it was a hit, I dunno) movie Scanners by David Cronenberg. I’ve actually seen this movie at some point in my life, but like most young fellas who crave over the top gore and violence in their day-to-day life, only the head exploding scene stayed with me. If I recall, the movie was about a plucky dog and an adrenaline junkie kitty trying to find their way home…who also had brain-exploding powers. Luckily, the Internet never lets you forget anything and I have been reminded from time to time about that scene in the form of other GIFs, and of course, memes.

Job Interview Time

I’m ready for my job interview.

But what are we really talking about here? I’ll tell you. Now that I have a taste for the GIF, I wanty more. It is probably safe to assume I’ll be doing some more, and if you are really lucky, I might take the time to make my own original GIF instead of shamelessly ripping off Cronenberg flicks. I think after a few more GIFs are in my repertoire, it will finally be time to send along this site’s url and land that job interview at Pixar.

Lastly, if you read this whole blog entry and pronounced GIF in your head with a “G”  sound instead of a “J” sound, shame on you.

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