As the stinging cold air hit my lungs to be returned with a frosty plume set afloat into the bitingly cold morning, my mind went to the prior night. The prior night being the night that my wife and I decided that while we were kid-free (thank you Gma and Gpa) we would not go out and see Thor 2 but stay in and watch a movie. Feeling that she would not enjoy Se7en I suggested the next best thing, a little low budget independent film called Titanic. Solid choice, I know.

Anyways, upon creating this website Andrew said to incorporate blogging, and said verbatum “Blog about whatever.” So I am gonna blog about my reflections on the movie.

Caution: Now entering some spoilerish talk; the boat sinks.

The cold morning breath took my mind to that pivotal scene at the end in which Jack and Rose are treading the frigid ocean water for dear life on what appears to be a large wooden headboard from a bed. “What the what,” is all I have to say. One try, that is all they gave it, one try to see if both of them could hop onto the makeshift buoy. Didn’t they get rather close a few scenes prior, you know, unecesarily-gooey/sweaty-hand-upon-the-rearview-window-of-the-old-timey-car close. So I think they could have managed to spoon it up real nice and tight and made that raft work.

I looked at my wife after the movie and with all sincerity said, “If we ever find ourselves in that situation you WILL scoot over a couple of inches and let me up with you.” She said she’d think about it. And whilst I am writing about said scene, does anyone else laugh when Rose says that she promises to never let go as she is prying Jack’s frozen corpse of a hand from her’s. Priceless.

A few more things to note;

I found it strange that Jack didn’t notice/feel that he had a massive amount of spit on his face when he and Rose were caught by the rich snotty debutantes.

Bill Paxton’s acting is more lifeless than Jack’s frozen sinking body.

I remembered the “I’m the king of the world scene,” differently. I did not remember that he was pressed up against his italian friend Fabrizio on the bow of the boat in such a manner. Kinda weird.

It is a long movie.

Mr. Fantastic and Theodin are in the movie. Didn’t know/remember that from the first viewing. Arnold is not.

Lastly when is Titanic 2: Titanic Harder coming out? Greenlight that crap now Hollywood.

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