As Micah, Ben and I have been populating the site with our own flavors of comedy and doodles, I am using this as an opportunity to try out some new styles in drawing. Growing up heavily influenced by The Simpsons, my style never really blossomed in to its own. Sure, I have my own little creative flairs and whatnot, but I could have so many more whatnots. After a month, I’m not quite there in developing a look and feel to my art that I can say, “There it is! The long chased style I have longed for.”

Like any gentleman, I of course blame this not on my drawing comics at the last minute or settling back into what is familiar; no, it is of course the fault of my tablet.

Andrew-Lebowski Final

I don’t roll on Shabbas.

In anticipation of our little webcomic starting, my wife got me a Wacom tablet on my last birthday. I held it in my hot little hands and knew, this little 21 x 13 inch piece of plastic heaven was my ticket to creating illustrations that would shake the foundations of the webcomic world forever. If you could, please direct your attention to the illustration embedded in this post. The first thing I drew was an image of me as The Dude from The Big Lebowski. I was going to be holding a phone, but it didn’t get that far…

Maybe the joke wasn’t coming together, or I felt it was an insult to depict Jeff Bridges’ iconic character as a bald, short guy. Really though, I blame the tablet. I have since been creating all my work with the tablet, and its been a bit of a struggle for me. I haven’t adjusted to the feeling of a plastic pen on a plastic surface, or looking at the computer screen instead of my hands I suppose. Don’t even get me started on the pressure sensitivity. I am positive some kind of tiny gremlin lives under the surface of the tablet, deciding that every stroke should be way more girthy than I expected it to be. So yah, I’m making excuses (I also blame Adobe Illustrator and its continued inability to read my mind), but I’m not going to give up. I won’t be bested by wire, microchips, gun metal colored plastic and whatever other voodoo goes into a Wacom tablet. No sir, not me. I promised to deliver exceptional quality laughs once a week to the world.

So, with the tablet securely under my left hand, stylus in my right, I’m off to do a follow-up to last week’s comic about dog puke.

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