“Talkies are the wave of the future.”

Lightning Equals Progress

Lightning Equals Progress

I undertook these little projects in secrecy because I wanted to spring them upon my cohorts after I had done a couple. I thought that I could dip into our past comics and (with as an unexperienced touch as  possible) try to fumble my way through the process of animating them. I use the term animate as lightly as possible, because if you’ve viewed this short film already you can tell there is no movement at all, simply a bunch of Ken Burns pans and a ton of iMovie transitions.

What prompted me to do this? I place the blame on Twitter and texting. These short-handed forms of social media and communicating have taken society’s already diminished attention span and chopped it down even further. Sadly if something is not visually consumed in the first 2 seconds of being engaged by it, the chances of the viewing audience reading said writing through completion dwindles to roughly 3%. Things need to be served to our eyeballs in as timely and concise a manner as possible. I’m just as guilty of this as everyone else, so no soapboxin here but more choir-preachin. If I see that something is too wordy and long-winded I check-out long before its over. But videos on the other hand, heck, I’ll watch like 30 of those in one setting. I sometimes question if I can actually read anymore, or if words have just become familiar shapes to my brain.

I thought it would be fun to go back and take what I’m calling the “Pershing Empire Back-Catalogue,” and present these strips to people who might not have joined us till now and haven’t  yet seen just how we’ve grown as artists and storytellers (cough cough.) To get a chance to see them in an quick  and easily  digestable way, with stock music and poorly recorded voices. And also so you veteran P.E. fans can go back and see how we haven’t grown as artists and story tellers.

So because Twitter and text’n has reduced our attention span to that of a goldfish we here at the Pershing Empire are going to try and grow and adapt with the….hey what’s that shiny thing over…Kanye just tweeted a picture of his….Yo Gabba Gabb….Spooooon.

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