I truly believe that I married a super hero. I have facts to back up this claim.

su·per·he·ro: Pronounced [soo-per-heer-oh]

noun, plural su·per·he·roes

hero, especially in children’s comic books and television cartoons, possessing extraordinary, often magical powers.

My husband’s super power is beyond extraordinary strength, x-ray vision, or mind control. He has the ability to turn mere thoughts into reality. The great thing is that as a lover of comics and entertainment most of the thoughts that fly thru his brain are crazy fun!

Step one: Passion. He finds the passion, dreams the dream, gets that thought lodged in the front of his mind and won’t let go. I don’t know how many times he gets up at night to write out the ideas that just pop into his dreams. Over breakfast he tells me of his new venture that will change the world, or at least be a really good time.

Step two: Priority. Everything else has to cave to the needs of this great passion. I can’t add up the hours of sleep my husband has left behind, staying up into the morning hours, sketching out his comics and illustrations. Sure he loves to draw and create, but if you knew how much he loves sleep you would maybe start to understand just how big a deal this is. To say sleep can go on the back burner is a true sign of commitment.

Step three: Pursue. When the concept is formulated and he sees that it can become a reality he will not stop until it happens. It’s like that song…the one that has been stuck in your head for days, and it won’t leave you until you’ve sang it through in its entirety in the shower, in your car at every stop light. It won’t let you give it up until you have been able to get it stuck in at least a dozen other people’s brains.

Last but far from least: People. My husband is not a lone ranger; he has a tag team of amazingly talented comic lovers who are continually honing their skills, developing their own passions and dreams and sharing the opportunities to pursue them with each other. Together they are so very much like the Justice League, or The Avengers, or any other group of extraordinary and often magical beings who ban together to change the world for the better.

When these forces combine amazing things can happen. Specifically, The Pershing Empire happened.